Alpha Real Estate is actively and enthusiastically seeking new properties and portfolios to manage and/or rent!

Property Management Services

Whether you are trying to rent the house that you just cannot seem to sell or you are a long-term investor that wants to sit back and watch your rental portfolio do all the work, you need a company you can trust to manage your operational responsibilities. From tenant placement to full service management we handle it all.

    Alpha Real Estate has the experience you are looking for in a property management company! We offer full service management of commercial, and both single family and multi-family residential properties. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you maximize your profits without sacrificing on service.  By keeping accounting in-house we minimize fund times and cut down on management costs.  We also take the hassle out of collecting rental payments! Tenants can pay on our website, use an 800 number, leave their rent after hours in our drop box, mail in rent, or come in to the office. We even take credit and debit cards!  We virtually eliminate late rent excuses!  

Here is just a small list of the services you can expect:

  • Rate Analysis - We will analyze the market and visit your property to advise you on the highest rental rates while considering your personal goals for your property. And like any management company worth doing business with, we will be up front about any suggestions for improving your property's rentability and profitability.
  • Marketing - Our marketing strategies will keep your occupancy and tenant retention rates high.  Using dynamic online listings and local publications, we put your property in the limelight to show off all of its assets and get it rented FAST! Our primary source of marketing is the internet.  We showcase your property on over 15 different websites. Thorough engaging visual media and in-depth property descriptions, we make sure that tenants get what they really want in a property. And making sure that the tenants get what they want helps retain them for more than just a single lease term! Click HERE to see what we mean!
  • Tenant Screening - Once we secure an interested party for your property, we handle the entire application process for you.  We do a credit, nationwide criminal and civil background check and verify employment and lease or mortgage history.  By standardizing the screening method we help reduce the risk of moving in deadbeat or unqualified tenants. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to use a professional manager. 
  • Lease Administration - We complete and explain the lease agreement to new tenants and we handle the security deposit from move-in to the final move-out inspection.  Each month we manage rent collections.  If the rent has not been paid within 5 days (grace period allowed by law) we automatically send out a late notice charging a 5% late fee (the maximum allowed by North Carolina law) which serves as their 10 day eviction notice.  If they don't pay we begin the eviction process. While we don't have to do it often, we do realize that enforcement is the only choice in these situations.
  • Maintenance - Whether the tenant calls at 11:00PM or 11:00AM our maintenance contractors can handle the situation, without you having to be bothered. If tenants call during business hours we troubleshoot the call and hopefully avoid any cost to you or the tenant. If it is determined to be a legitimate issue we prepare a work order and send out one of our full time Maintenance Crew with a background spanning more than 20 years of maintenance experience in the Asheville area.   We also employ a Make Ready Subcontractor, a Cleaning Crew and Landscapers to make sure that your home is always in tip-top shape. 
  • Move In/Outs - We have a high Make Ready standard to which we hold our tenants as well as our vendors and owners.  When a tenant vacates we determine what is normal wear and tear versus damage and disburse the tenant's security deposit. Our cleaning and turn crew will brush up and touch up between tenants and get your property ready to rent again in as little as 24 hours. Remember all those photos that we took when we started managing your property? That's how we know what needs to be charged to the tenant and what doesn't. We expect your property to look just as good (or better) minus normal wear and tear after 5 years as it did when you first handed us the keys.
  • Current Rates - Our minimum Management Fees are as follows:  up to 5 units 12% of the monthly rent, 6 - 10 units 11% and over 11 units 10%.  We charge a $300 Leasing Fee to procure new qualified tenants and reduce that to $200 for a lease renewal complete with annual walk thru. Late fees are split between Alpha Real Estate and the property owner.  But unlike a lot of property management companies we DO NOT CHARGE OVERRIDE on standard maintenance, and only charge a 15% override on major repairs and inspections. 4% of the sales price will be paid to Alpha as a broker fee should a tenant purchase the home. Our standard management agreement is for two years, but we expect to be doing business with you for much, much longer!  If all you want is Tenant Placement the fee is one month's rent.

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