Alpha Real Estate is excited to offer you e-payment options. It's Quick. It's Easy. It's secure. It's from the convenience of your own home or anywhere there is an internet connection or phone line. If you prefer you may call toll free to pay by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-866-729-5327.  


  • Secure transaction environment.
  • Save postage, envelopes, checks and time.
  • Ability to initiate a one time payment or set up reoccurring payments. 
  • Immediate payment receipt.
  • No more worries about whether we got your payment or not.
  • No delays while we wait for your payment.
  • Set up E-mail notification for rent payment reminder. 
  • 24 hour payment processing anywhere in the world.
  • Earn mileage or rewards points by paying with a credit card.
  • Secure your vacation plans immediately.
  • Cheaper than late fees!

PayLease is the 3rd party secure payment service provider.  They charge $2.00 for ACH and $2.00 + 3.5% for credit/debit cards.  Alpha Real Estate does not earn any fees for providing this convenience to you.